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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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IPEngine delivers high quality and effective patent and technology research solutions encompassing both traditional Prior Art services as well as Landscape Analysis.

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Landscape Analysis reports - meet clients' needs for broader diligence and market research relating to their IP. Each project involves the development of a patent landscape database whereby search results are analyzed in order to collect specific data requested by a client, as well as assign the patent or document to the appropriate segment of an agreed taxonomy. The database is then used either directly by the client for internal analysis or forms the basis for IPEngine Advisory Services.

Prior Art reports - include an assessment of relevant results (for both patent and non-patent literature) sorted by degree of relevancy, including excerpts where necessary to support the relevancy. IPEngine offers different types of prior art searches depending on the objective and scope of the study and client’s needs:
Prior Art Search
The search is conducted to evaluate the patentability of an invention based on the statutory requirements from a patent office. These statutory requirements for utility patents include: novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness. The search identifies prior art that can potentially render an invention unpatentable, thus saving expensive patenting costs. The study consists of searching patent and non-patent databases and literature, including scientific publications and business materials. In addition to evaluating patentability, the assessment helps in defining and drafting patent for an invention.

IPEngine offers pre-examination searches in compliance with the USPTO accelerated examination program. As part of the program, an applicant will be required to provide additional information with their petition and follow the new outlined procedures during the prosecution process. Going through this process enables an applicant to receive the examiner’s final decision within 12 months from the filing date of patent application.

The new process involves performing pre-examination searches and providing the USPTO with an AESD along with the application and the petition. Our comprehensive AESD search solution includes the following as identified by the USPTO program.

  • A classified search study of the US patents and published patent applications in the class(es) and subclass(es) with claimed inventions are categorized per the United States Patent Classification system (USPC).
  • An extensive patent search for US and foreign jurisdictions, non-patent literature searches, including searches for chemical structures.
  • An Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) in compliance with USPTO rules. The IDS will include an analysis of limitations in the claims of the patent application which are disclosed in the cited references.
  • A detailed analysis of patentability of each claim over the cited references, and also specifying their limitation.
The study is conducted to determine whether an existing patent or claim(s) or set of claims of an existing patent can be cancelled and invalidated by other patent prior art and/or by non-patent prior art that existed before the date of priority of the existing patent.

The search analyzes infringement litigation claims by determining the nature of overlap of a technology or product with a claim or a set of claims of existing patent(s) to the extent that it can be considered and proven as infringing the patent(s).

The search evaluates the degrees of freedom to use or operate a technology or product in a given region with respect to existing patents. This study determines the possibility of an infringement by a product/invention upon any in-force patent claims.

Claims Mapping
The study maps key features of a new product or technology to the claims of a related patent to determine the nature and extent of overlap between them. The study is instrumental in analyzing potential infringement on any competitor’s patent(s).


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