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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

prosecution support
prosecution-support services
IPEngine has significant experience supporting clients through the application drafting and prosecution process in compliance with USPTO, EPO, and IPO standards and specifications. Our patent specialists work within client processes to either complete entire drafts or relevant portions as required.
  • Application Drafting
    - Patentability Assessment
    - Claims Construction
    - Specifications; Summary; Abstract
    - Formal Drawings
  • Filing Preparation
    - Accelerated Examination (AESD)
    - IDS, ADS
    - Filing (via Counsel Partners)
  • Prosecution Support
    - Office Action Review & Response
    - File History Summary
    - Portfolio Tracking & Updating

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“IPEngine’s team of patent specialists has extensive experience across all aspects of patent drafting and is technically very knowledgeable. Working with them is like working with an extended team in a different office location.”  
Patent Agent, MA
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