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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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IPEngine understands clearly the confidentiality considerations faced by clients when considering outsourcing of IP work. We have formulated clear policies and procedures relating to confidentiality, conflict management and export control. A brief summary of our approach to each of these issues is covered here, but for a more detailed discussion please contact us at sales@ipengineservices.com.
Confidentiality and data integrity are ensured through a combination of process and technology with legal safeguards in place to ensure 100% compliance. As a US company, IPEngine guarantees confidentiality via client contract and maintains strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with all US and India-based employees. All employees work in our secure-access Delhi data-center. They access client information only via the company LAN and work at terminals that do not allow downloads or print-out of materials, except under supervision. Policies including clean-desk approach, no public discussions of client work, restricted internet access, etc. are adhered to at all times.
Conflict Management
IPEngine maintains an up-to-date employee conflict management database and limits the employee’s exposure to any project related information other than matters with which the individual is directly involved. If required, teams are physically separated to maintain project exclusivity. All new client requests are assessed for conflict before work is started and client approval is required where there is any chance of a conflict arising.
Export Control
Clients (and/or their attorneys) are responsible for ensuring that any disclosures of proprietary technical information to IPEngine is not in contravention of US Export Laws. These considerations impact most in our application drafting and prosecution support practice and have little impact in our prior art and patent intelligence work. For those clients that do not have an existing export control compliance program/officer, IPEngine can introduce US counsel to guide the client through the required steps.


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