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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

About IPEngine

Group Chiasma and GTC Law Group have played instrumental roles in the development of IPEngine providing resources and guidance to the company since its inception.

Group Chiasma
Experienced Patent Outsourcing, Prosecution Support
Group Chiasma is an enterprise development company focused on delivering value by harnessing Innovation from the near future™. Through the application of technology and by leveraging global resources, Group Chiasma engages with “industry insider” management teams to identify, launch and build businesses that have an opportunity for transformative change in their market sectors. Chiasma’s principals have had previous experience building large-scale technology-enabled service businesses delivering high quality results to clients in the US and Europe utilizing India-based specialist workforces.

For more information go to www.groupchiasma.com
GTC Law Group
Experienced Patent Outsourcing, Prosecution Support
GTC Law Group focuses on two complementary practice areas: Business transactions and IP strategy. GTC clients range from Fortune 100 companies and private equity and venture capital funds to individual entrepreneurs and start-ups. GTC attorneys have multi-disciplinary experience in a wide range of fields beyond the law, as executives, professors, surgeons and scientists. GTC attorneys apply this broad experience, and a passion for ideas and innovation, to deliver context-sensitive services to clients, regardless of their industry or size.

For more information go to www.gtclg.com


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